NMBN is a melting pot of opinions of cargo stakeholders for advancement of the freight and shipping sector for greater contribution to national GDP. The Network is a veritable platform for cargo interests to synergize and constantly generate ideas on the best approach to solve the myriads of problems confronting the industry so as to interface with the Government on ways to reposition Nigeria for economic growth driven majorly by its shipping and freight potentials.

The Network is committed to develop maritime business to become the main economic driver for Nigeria by working together with stakeholders to harness the huge maritime resources at Nigeria’s disposal to transform and reposition the country for greatness. Furthermore, NMBN Aims to entrench sanity, professionalism and best practices in Nigeria’s maritime operations by pursuing the following objectives:

i. Working together for formulation and implementation of effective policies through advocacy and getting involved;

ii. Developing adequate, professional capacity for efficient operations of the sector through training, as well as local and international sectoral networking and resource exchange;

iii. Ensuring that operations conform to standard procedures and global best practices of the industry;

iv. Stamping out unwholesome practices militating against growth and development of the sector so as to optimise contribution of the sector to national economy;

v. Collation and analysis of stakeholders viewpoints for quality blueprinting and following up towards implementation;

Collaborating with the Government, as well as other stakeholders to achieve the Federal Government policy and targets on ease of doing business in cargo operations.